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Codenesium ships with a unit/integration test suite. Our philosophy is that tests are key to making software than can evolve with changing requirements.

All projects have 80%+ coverage. Where the coverage is missing is by design.

We use popular libraries for testing. Testing with this stack is fun!

xUnit This is unit testing framework.

Moq Mocking library for testing.

Fluent Assertions Assertion library that allows checking of assertions with fluent syntax.

Coverlet App that generated a code coverage report.

We are also a huge fan of NCrunch. If you haven’t checked it out you should.

A sample test looks like this

[Trait("Type", "Unit")]
[Trait("Table", "Device")]
[Trait("Area", "Repositories")]
public partial class DeviceRepositoryTests
    public async void All()
        Mock<ILogger<DeviceRepository>> loggerMoc = DeviceRepositoryMoc.GetLoggerMoc();
        ApplicationDbContext context = DeviceRepositoryMoc.GetContext();
        var repository = new DeviceRepository(loggerMoc.Object, context);

        Device entity = new Device();
        await context.SaveChangesAsync();

        var record = await repository.All();