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We use SwashBuckle to provide swagger support.

There is a lot of configuration options available for swagger.

Look in Startup.cs to see everything Swagger related.

For a demo view http://www.codenesium.com:8080/user7303b0f5161f4149bf2959a488d359feNebula/swagger/

To generate a client for a swagger endpoint in many languages see http://editor.swagger.io/

services.AddSwaggerGen(o =>
    o.ResolveConflictingActions(apiDescriptions => apiDescriptions.First());

    // resolve the IApiVersionDescriptionProvider service
    // note: that we have to build a temporary service provider here because one has not been created yet
    var provider = services.BuildServiceProvider().GetRequiredService<IApiVersionDescriptionProvider>();

    // add a swagger document for each discovered API version
    // note: you might choose to skip or document deprecated API versions differently
    foreach (var description in provider.ApiVersionDescriptions)
        o.SwaggerDoc(description.GroupName, CreateInfoForApiVersion(description));

    // add a custom operation filter which sets default values

    // integrate xml comments
    // o.IncludeXmlComments( XmlCommentsFilePath );
    if (this.Configuration.GetValue<bool>("SecurityEnabled"))
       var security = new Dictionary<string, IEnumerable<string>>
            {"Bearer", new string[] { }},
       o.AddSecurityDefinition("Bearer", new ApiKeyScheme() { In = "header", Description = "Please insert JWT prefixed with Bearer", Name = "Authorization", Type = "apiKey" });