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What is Codenesium?

Codenesium is a mythical element that when applied to your software project allows your team to prototype and ship high quality software faster.

How does it work?

Install the Codenesium application on your dev machine and load a schema from a database you already have. You can also use our handy database schema editing tool the Database Forge to create a schema. After that deploy your app and we take care of the REST.

We do several things

  1. Generate the source code for a ASP.NET Core REST API built on n-tier architecture with tests.
  2. Deploy your application to a playground server for testing.
  3. Download the source code to your machine ready to run. All you need is the .NET Core SDK installed.
  4. Detect when you have modified generated files and never step on them when you regenerate.
Why would I pay for this?

Generating an API is nice but the long term value is being able to add fields and make changes to your database and regenerate. We fully expect most people to stop using the generation at some point and from then on make manual changes. That’s ok. You still have a well designed API that is still similar to the architecture you would have used anyway. What we’re offering is incredibly rapid prototyping on your API. You can focus on React or Angular or whatever front end technology is the flavor of the month while your API is ready to go. You can focus on business requirements instead of architecture and as the database rapidly changes as your requirements evolve you can simply regenerate the API. For many small projects you could ship what we generate and call it done.

Code generation is bad though.

It certainly can be. We’re not selling you a code generator. We’re selling you an application that an engineer could spend months writing. Ready to ship with tests. We’re always learning and applying feedback from other engineers to continuously improve what we’re generating. Iterating like that lets us save your team from a long list of roadblocks by combining the knowledge of the crowd into one architecture that is Codenesium.

Where can I see the code?

The best place will be our samples page on github.

Where can I submit feedback?

We are not experts and don’t claim to be. There are definitely better ways to write some of this code. We will try to be open with what trade-offs we made or any deficiencies we see.

Having said that we love feedback. We are absolutely interested in hearing better ways of writing code and if we think your way is better we guarantee it will go into the product. Software architecture is hard. We can’t stay on top of everything and feedback is the shortest path to knowing what needs improvement.