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Application in minutes

Codenesium is free

Generate a ASP.NET Core REST API with a React application for your SQL Server or PostgreSQL database

Download to get started or View a demo

Get some REST

Spend your time solving the business problem not on boilerplate.

All generated apps have a Swagger endpoint with access to clients in 20+ languages.

Regenerate your app when there are schema changes.

Sync the new code into your solution without losing your changes.

View a demo

GithubView samples on Github

Install the client

Install the Codenesium client. The latest client can be found here.

Interact with the generated app in the playground before you purchase.

We don't need your credit card until you want to download the source code.

View a demo

GithubView samples on Github

Connect to SQL.

Connect to a SQL Server or PostgreSQL database.

Make changes with the Database Forge.

Add migrations for your playground server test data.

View a demo

GithubView samples on Github


Click deploy in the client.

Your schema is uploaded to our cloud generation system.

We sync the source code to a local directory you have provided.

Use your app immediately on the playground server.

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GithubView samples on Github

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Free to use

Purchase a subscription to help us out
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Monthly Subscription

$20 / Month

  • REST API generation
  • React CRUD application
  • Unit and integration tests
  • Database Forge
  • Swagger integration
  • Docker integration
  • Client libraries for API
  • Local source code sync
  • Playground server
  • AWS Lightsail integration
  • 100 years of good luck


ASP.NET Core source code

React application written in TypeScript

Security included

Cross platform solution

Supports standard REST methods

Single responsibility code

Built to be modified and extended

StyleCop integration

Record paging and limits on request size

Unit and integration tests

Field validation with Fluent Validation

Multi-tenant support

In memory integration tests with SQLite

.NET and TypeScript client

Easy database schema editor

Model customization like field renaming

Virtual constraints and foreign keys

Support for soft deletes

Constraints and foreign keys exposed through the API

Support for SQL Server views

Docker support

Custom development

Let us build your next app or MVP

We can generate one-off projects with a quick turnaround

Additional support time may be purchased

Contact support for pricing and details

Questions? Comments?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you.